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WORDsearch Basic is a free entry-level Bible software platform
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WORDsearch Basic is a handy Bible study program that offers a lot of functions, options, features and built-in tools. It’s one of the most comprehensive and powerful applications of its kind. Even so, it’s the smaller, lighter version of the even more feature-rich WORDsearch application.

WORDsearch Basic is a very rich study platform that offers access to over 3,500 Bible study volumes available from dozens of top Christian publishers. A built-in word processor is also included to help you create your own lessons and sermons just by dragging and copying texts from the opened books.

Even though it’s very comprehensive, it’s also easy-to-use. Its interface resembles a lot a webpage opened by a browser, therefore navigating among the provided resources and among various areas and sections is very simple and fast. The fact that its interface allows opening multiple windows simultaneously and easily docking them also simplifies things a lot.

Furthermore, though it includes a lot of information and resources, finding the exact bit of data that interests you is both easy and fast thanks to the powerful built-in search function. Last but not least, a very helpful cross-reference explorer is available as well.

To sum it all up, WORDsearch Basic is a great choice for anyone looking for a truly powerful and effective Bible study tool.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very powerful, feature-rich and comprehensive
  • Fast and accurate search function
  • Easy-to-use interface


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